Maun Self Drive 4x4

4x4 Hire For Camping, Game Viewing and Offroad Travel

The Real Mokoro Safaris


            Affordable mokoro trips for the Self Sufficient 4x4 traveler

An African experience in the bush. Away from the official guides, high prices, touristy camps

and lodges, paraphernalia of Joburg. Backpackers and others without wheels can hire

transport from Letsapa TourTransport for transfers from Maun to Etsha 13.

Camping gear can also be hired and supplies purchased in Maun for these trips.

The current issue for those without transportation is that the campsite is a further 7 kms

from Etsha 13 by sandy track. That and elephants. It is hoped in the future that we can

work out something for backpackers.  Additional information from clients.



Campsite - S18.99776  E22.38196   seasonal access by 4x4  after flooding subsides

Secure parking in Etsha 13 during flooding season, transfer by mokoro

Self sufficient campers only. 

Etsha 13 is 3 km off the main north south tar road about 40 km north of Gumare and

85 km south of Shakawe.  This large village is on the edge of the high water of

the delta. Their camping island is 7 km from Etsha 13 across a sandy track and

can only be reached by 4x4 after the high flood has subsided. (Usually after

June). In the mean time these mokoro operators can transfer campers from

Etsha 13 to the island for P120 each - about a 1.5 to 2 hours trip in a glass

fiber mokoro which is a treat in itself.  Vehicles are safely parked inside a

mokoro member's homestead near the water.



Camping on this island is P40ppn with rustic ablutions.

3 campsites under huge trees.

Overnight camping safaris P200pppn or P400 per mokoro per night

Experienced kayakers can paddle themselves at their own risk. However, they must have

a guide with them at all times, and be able to understand and obey instructions.



Overnight  Camping Safaris 


From the island campsite, clients can book overnight trips to small island about  5 km


into the delta. The route goes from next to the island through a papyrus belt  which is


slow, but emerging on the far side it becomes  heaven on earth. This  trip takes about


2 hours.  From the small Delta island  larger islands with more  game viewing can


be reached on day trips. more than 5 small islands that can be used for


overnight camping,  so no overcrowding !

P200 - minimum 2 persons all inclusive. Campers must be self sufficient. 

***Their fees are P400 per mokoro per night.  One mokoro can carry 2 persons


with luggage (ie P200 per person sharing or P400 if single in a mokoro. These


prices are less than half to a third of what lodges and camps charge.


The mokoro leaders all speak English well. They are trained in various aspects

of guiding. A few of them know every bird, tree and animal, including their tracks.

They are all very friendly and helpful. This is an  almost crime free area. 

More importantly, all have spent their lives in the Delta, for survival. They don't get lost

and they know how to deal with the larger animals  like hippos and elephants.  A few

lions are a possibility once the water recedes and more game migrate west. Unlike

the touristy Eastern Shores, visitors in the western part of the Delta don't encounter

as much terrestrial game because of the higher proportion of water to land ratio. 

Bird life is prolific.



Advanced reservations are preferred. The Polers often go fishing and their daily routines

may take them deep into the Delta. If you would like a mokoro and poler ready for you on

arrival, an advanced warning is suggested.

Johnson: +26772802616   reception is poor, sms may work better

Alan: Cell +26772595176  home S19.01953  E22.32704

Etsha 13 - Shop - S19.01652  E22.31863 for directions to Alan's home



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